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Member for a Day
Are you interested in becoming a member?

We invite you to join us for the day as our guest. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the club and get a feel for all the exciting activities that await you. Take advantage of the fun - come and join us at LIYC!

The club is open weekends from May 24th - June 23rd. We open 7 days a week beginning June 28th. Choose a date that works for you and spend the day with us. 

By spending the day you will get to:

- Meet the Leadership Team
- Tour the Facility
- Learn about Membership details, Dockage, Catering options, and our Anchor Day Camp program for kids!
- Experience all our amenities including pool, private beach, tennis courts, tiki bar & restaurant

  • Is there an application for membership?
    Since we are privately owned, potential members can register by submitting our membership forms and payment. No member sponsorship is required and, no probationary periods!
  • Do members need to live in Babylon Village to join LIYC?
    No! We have members from all over Long Island…even as far as Brooklyn and Manhattan. All are welcome!
  • What is the cost of membership?
    Similar to country clubs and other family based memberships, our rates are tiered to match the number of people in your household. To inquire about our current rates that would match your needs, please call our clubhouse at 631.669.3270 and speak to Corey or Ryan.
  • Is there an initiation fee or an application fee to join LIYC?
    The first year you become a member, you are required to pay our initiation fee. As long as you keep your membership current each year, the initiation fee only applies in year 1.
  • Do I need to have a boat to be a member?
    No. All boaters who have a slip in our marina must be members. But not all members have boat slips. In fact, most of our members do not have boat slips and are here to enjoy the pool, events, private beach, dining options and access to the Great South Bay.
  • Do I need to be a member to dock a boat at the marina
    Yes, a club membership is required for dockage services. However, you do no need to own a boat to be a member.
  • As a member, can we bring guests?
    Yes. However, we ask that you help us protect the member experience. Guests enjoying the club more than three visits during our summer season, should consider their own membership. Guest fees apply when visitors use the pool. There are no applicable fees for having guests join us for dinner and drinks.
  • Who makes up the membership?
    Our members come from all over Long Island. Some have boats and some do not. We like to say we are the most inclusive privately owned club around. We do not require sponsorship for annual membership nor are there residency restrictions to be part of the club family. Whether you are a young family or a retired couple, you can make your special memories at the LIYC.
  • What does club membership offer?
    Membership to the LIYC is annual. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we offer exclusive use of our Olympic sized pool, access to dining, clubhouse events, private beach and a 74 boat slip marina with access to the Save The Great South Bay for all. Whether you take a paddleboard out to explore the Babylon Village canals or rent a slip for a jetski or boat, you get to spend your summer on the water!
  • Do you have membership tiers?
    We do not. As an inclusive private club, we offer the same membership class to all. Our pricing structure is based on the number of people in your household.
  • Dockage
    Our marina offers a wonderful dockage option for the boating season. The cost of a boat slip is in addition to membership. All boaters must be club members but having a boat is not required for membership. Dockage rates are based on LOA. Please contact Ryan directly for availability and pricing.
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